Job chart of Pharmacist under Govt. of West Bengal

Duties & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

Duties & Responsibilities of Pharmacist:

1. To serve the prescriptions of Medical officers and to keep all relevant records as required by Law/ Govt. rules.
2. Counselling of patients for better compliance of prescribed medicine, promotion of Health and prevention of diseases.
3. To perform duties relating to maintenance of store of Drugs, reagents, equipments etc. for Family Planning, Immunization, Leprosy Control, TB Control, Malaria Control Programme as and when required.
4. To impart post-academic Practical training to trainee pharmacists.
5. To take part in any Training programme related to health as and when asked for.
6. To take part in compounding of mixture, lotion, ointment etc. and to take part in manufacturing of drugs under expert supervision, if asked for.
7. To take part in assessment of quality of drugs, if needed.
8. To supervise the sterilization process in ward and OT if needed.

Specific duties in addition to general duties depending upon place of posting:-

1. In Health Centres to assist MO in management of patient in emergency including referral if needed.
2. In hospitals, the pharmacists will take part in CME programme as and when arranged for updating knowledge in different aspects of Pharmacy and will disseminate the same to health professionals and public.
3. In pharmacy Institutes:-
a) To assist the teachers in conducting the practical classes.
b) To prepare reagents/solutions etc.
c) To procure reagents/ chemicals/ drugs etc. to maintain stock
d) Any other duties assigned related to his job
4. In medicine and Medical equipments store and sub-store of CMS, DRS, Hospitals, Health Centres, Multipurpose Health Programmes etc.
a) To undertake the formalities for procurement of store materials such as preparation of indent, receipt of store materials, recording in stock ledger, verification of stock etc.
b) Issuance of store materials, maintaining its formalities and keeping all relevant
records. c) Proper storage of drugs to preserve its efficiency.
d) Maintenance of Inventory Control (the dated products to be controlled properly to
prevent wastage due to expiration).
e) Maintenance of records as per legal requirement in respect of poisonous, dangerous drugs etc.
f) Maintenance of proper labeling of drugs.
g) To check and store Medical gases.
h) Any other duties assigned to him by the competent authority related to store.


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H/MA/1245 Dt. 14.05.2001]

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